It’s almost Easter – Did you order your lamb yet?

Time to roast your lamb on the spit – after ordering it on the Internet.

It’s almost Easter – the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ – and many faithful around the world are getting ready to indulge in family gatherings and exquisite food.

Easter is anticipated more so by none other than the Greeks, the majority of which are Christian Orthodox and belong to the Eastern Orthodox Church, along with the Russians.

This year, the Eastern Orthodox – or Greek Orthodox – Easter falls a week after the Catholic celebration of the holy day, due to differences in calculations by the split churches.

For many Greeks, partaking in the consumption of roasted lamb is a leftover from the old days when eating meat was considered a luxury and an exception to the daily, “Spartan” diet.

With prices gone high and the Greek economy in shambles, the Greeks have turned to the Internet to order their Easter lamb by mail!

A web site accepting orders of lamb from the island of Crete can be seen at – or lamb from Anogeia, a location in Crete famous for its quality herds.

The Greeks alternatively consume goat for Easter (or Christmas) but the lamb itself provides the intestines for the creation of an exceptionally tasty soup, magiritsa.

Happy Easter to everyone and especially to those that will be ordering their lamb from the Cretan producers, cutting the middlemen fat out 😀

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