Jennifer Wolfe : Do new domain extensions provide an SEO boost?


Jennifer Wolfe – WolfeDomain founder.

Jennifer Wolfe, founder ofย Wolfe Domain, has been analyzing current data, trends and industry shifts as they apply to marketing, SEO and branding.

In a fresh article published at Search Engine Watch, Jennifer Wolfe discusses the benefits that new domain extensions provide, to businesses seeking an SEO boost.

Wolfe discusses the options available with Daniel Negari, who aside from his .XYZ venture, has been involved in a joint venture with Uniregistry over the launch of a special gTLD triad, for .Car, .Cars and .Auto.

The article analyzes the SEO performance of the domain name Lucra.Cars, and it’s a very interesting, detailed insight on the benefits of new gTLD domains.

Essentially, the domain performed as expected, becoming the top result in Google for “Lucra cars.”

For the full article, titled “Case study: will new domain extensions provide an SEO boost?click here.

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One Response to “Jennifer Wolfe : Do new domain extensions provide an SEO boost?”
  1. Mike says:

    I’m actually surprised the new TLDs rank at all, let alone give a “boost”. I’d have to see more examples than just this one for Lucra cars before I’m completely convinced though. Show me a domain with one of these new TLDs ranking for a really difficult term, WITHOUT backlinks or 301s from an already super authoritative domain and I’ll be a believer. For example I don’t think it really counts if the NFL buys a “.football” domain and then redirects to that domain and says “see, .football domains can rank!” Any domain will rank with a redirect like that.

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