Labor Day domaining : So Long, Suckers!


So long, suckers!

Domaining is a demanding mistress, that can truly suck one dry.

Regardless of whether you are engaged in domain investing part time – as a domain flipper – or full time, as a domain investor, one has to be dedicated in order to succeed in this line of business.

Often times, domainers give up and pull the plug, disappointed by the early results, the lack of sales, the low prices, the overall attitude they receive from domainer peers.

Some times, one has to call it quits, gather their last remaining dignity – and dollars – and move on.

Escaping from the mob of unappreciative domainers, those domain investors that give up might feel their long-building wrath ready to steam out like a volcano; with middle fingers blazing out like guns, they walk into the sunset, never to be heard from again.


With that in mind, it’d be nice to know that the domain is owned by fellow domain investor, Adam Strong.

While the domain isn’t listed on his “current projects” folder, we’re certain that is the one slated for future development! 😀

Have a great Labor Day!


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