Like fine German wine : Mike Berkens’s strong position with gTLDs continues

It’s an abnormally cold Sunday in Florida, but that won’t slow down domain investor and popular blogger, Mike Berkens.

After selling the bulk of his domain portfolio to GoDaddy for a reputed eight figures, Mike Berkens and WorldWide Media, Inc., continue to invest in the lucrative gTLD domain space.

Two new gTLDs currently in EAP are dot .Wine and dot .Vin. While the latter appeals to the Francophones, dot .Wine is for the rest of the world, that associates “wine” with an ancient, tasty alcoholic beverage.

Some of the most appealing domains to register under that gTLD are locales of origin, and countries in particular.

But not all countries or locales are available under dot .Wine:,,,, and are all reserved by the dot .Wine Registry, Donuts.


Not to be outdone, Mike Berkens got German.Wine; a fine sample of European wines come from Germany, that has a strong wine history.

The domain was acquired during the early EAP days, presumably for a cool $12,000 dollars; most premium domains carry a renewal fee of at least $100 dollars per year.

As an extra bonus, Mike also registered Drinking.Wine earlier today, forming a smashing pair of wine domains.


Mike Berkens is co-founder and Managing Director of Right of the Dot, a domain consultancy company investing in the new gTLDs.

Congratulations to Mike for his newly-acquired domain, German.Wine, and as Germans say while raising a glass of German wine, prost! 😀

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3 Responses to “Like fine German wine : Mike Berkens’s strong position with gTLDs continues”
  1. Steve says:

    Great names but I think it may be a while before people actually type them in. I am sure many will still put .com after them all. They still add .com to the end of most country codes. I have had several customers tell me they could not find my .ca business site. When I asked what they typed in they said the right domain but had added .com to the end!?!?
    Where are you in Florida. We are hiding out in Cape Coral area trying to dodge tornados!! I though snow storms were dangerous. Tornados are REALLY dangerous.
    Maybe an impromptu get together is in order??

  2. Aaron Strong says:

    Prost!!!…I noticed Red.Wine forwards to, but shows as being reserved…Any thoughts?…Cheers!

  3. gobinath says:

    its a great extension, unfortunately not only the country names, most of the vineyard regions are aslo reserved,, , are available and registration cost are descent
    good luck friends!

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