Lowballing investor : The hell with dot .Blog domains!

Dot .Blog domains are coming soon.

Dot .Blog domains are coming soon.

The upcoming launch of .Blog domains by WordPress makers Automattic, is already creating some huge backlash within the domainer community.

Jefferey LaDouche is an enterprising minimal risk domain investor, a title he prefers over the less complimenting “domain lowballer.

The launch of dot .Blog throws one of LaDouche’s most common arguments when he places an offer, out the window.

“Many times I’ve sent a note, when placing a reasonable offer for a high-priced, generic .com domain, that it’s meant to be for a blog,” says Jefferey LaDouche.

“I’d say that argument succeeds about 20% of the time, landing me a great discount on these domains. Now, all this will go away, it’s pathetic – damn you Automattic!” exclaims LaDouche.

Simply put, domain owners will tell LaDouche to go register a dot .Blog domain, next time he attempts to get a great deal for such generics as Street.com, Citronella.com or PotatoSalad.com.

“I’ve no doubt Automattic is conspiring with the domain industry so that the .com domain owners seek higher prices, forcing folks like me out of business,” says Jefferey LaDouche, adding: “I just might have to play the poor student card once again, it succeeds only 0.1% of the time.”

Indeed, such devastating news might remove hundreds of domain investors from the picture, sending them back to focus on their day jobs at car dealerships, patio furniture sales or McDonald’s and Wendy’s assistant managers.

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