Lumis brokered #domain for a multi-asset management platform

Domain brokerage Lumis brokered the acquisition of the domain, a multi-asset management platform.

The Kubera app began its life using the domain all while the matching .com domain was registered in 2001.

Why is that?

Kubera is the Lord of Wealth and the god-king of the semi-divine Yakshas in Hindu culture, that’s why. 😀

With Kubera you can track the value of your digital assets and also track the estimated market value of the domain names you own. This also gives you the ability to track your net worth and provide the information to your family, should you pass.

Lumis assisted with the successful acquisition of and while the deal is under NDA, we can estimate the value and worth of the domain to be in alignment with other premium domain acquisitions by Lumis.

Hobi Michalec, co-founder of Lumis, told us how great it is to see the acknowledgment and understanding of domains as an asset class from the Kubera founder.

Hobi mentioned that the buyer represented by Lumis had sold his company and was trying to figure out a way to estimate his net worth, and so Kubera was born.

From the initial reach out to getting a deal to come through it took about 2 years. Many thanks to Hobi for sharing this success story with us.

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