Lumis brokered #domain for a multi-asset management platform

Domain brokerage Lumis brokered the acquisition of the domain, a multi-asset management platform. The Kubera app began its life using the domain all while the matching .com domain was registered in 2001. Why is that? Kubera is the Lord of Wealth and the god-king of the semi-divine Yakshas in Hindu culture, that’s why. […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. : #Domain brokerage Lumis shares impressive list of closed deals

Lumis, operating from, is an established domain brokerage co-founded by brothers Hobi Michalec and Slade Michalec, along with Keith Richter. The core focus of Lumis is to assist end-users secure their brands – a proven driving force in the industry demonstrated by an impressive list of more than 400 deals they have closed on […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. : Super premium #domain has been acquired by Lumis

Keeping one’s health in top shape is paramount, and Lumis co-founder, Hobi Michalec, announced the acquisition of the premium domain name Registered in 1996, appears to have been in the possession of NYC attorney Mr. Ted Oshman; that information is derived from the DomainTools historic WHOIS. Said Hobi Michalec: “Slade and I have […]

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Freedom Mortgage #domains : How Slade Michalec of #Lumis delivers for his big client

The big domain brokerage news of the week was the acquisition of the domain by Freedom Mortgage, an established mortgage loan company with 30 years of lending experience. Kate Buckley brokered the domain on behalf of the seller, while Slade Michalec of Lumis represented Freedom Mortgage, and it’s not the first time he did […]

Copyright © 2023 · All Rights Reserved. : Home equity line of credit #domain sold to Freedom Mortgage

The finances of real estate economy are booming, with hundreds of billions of dollars in rotation. Low interest rates combined with a good economy, have led to an increase in mortgage refinancing and getting a home equity line of credit (HELOC.) While the two differ, the end result is the same: consumers are using the […]

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Lumis : Latest #domain newsletter features million dollar names

Popular domain brokerage, Lumis, released their latest newsletter featuring domain names for all budgets. Quality domains can cost seven figures, however, as is the case for, one of the lot that is currently brokering. The Michalec Brothers are definitely picking quality domains for their newsletters! Here’s the list: – Inquiries only […]

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Lumis brokerage : #Domain newsletter includes some million dollar names

The latest domain newsletter from Lumis, the domain brokerage powerhouse co-founded by the Michalec brothers, contains some big domain names. There are domains for every budget, from a few thousand all the way up to $2.2 million dollars! Here’s a selection of domains included in the latest Lumis newsletter, in no particular order: – […]

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Lumis #domain newsletter : Taste the Astounding Wind in Motion – all .COM

Lumis has dispatched its latest domain newsletter, with several top tier domain names available through the brokerage. Typical for single word, dictionary domains, these domains arrive with an asking price in the thousands of dollars. Here’s the list of domains exclusively under brokerage by, co-founded by brothers Hobi Michalec and Slade Michalec, along with […]

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Lumis #domain newsletter : Million dollar assets for sale

Lumis, the boutique domain brokerage known for its eclectic clientele, has released their latest newsletter. Several new domain names are available to acquire, ranging from a few thousand dollars, to millions. Some of these quality domain names are listed below: – $2.5M – $1M – $500k – $300k – $150k […]

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Brokerage: Million dollar #domains for sale at Lumis

Domain brokerage house, Lumis, has released its latest newsletter containing premium domain names. Specializing in generic, dictionary .com domains, Lumis taps the end-user market, along with investors with deep pockets. The latest newsletter from Lumis contains several six and seven figure properties. Here’s a partial list of the domains available exclusively through – […]

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#Domain gems for sale in the latest newsletter from #Lumis brokerage

Lumis, the domain name brokerage operated by brothers Slade Michalec, Hobi Michalec, and their partners, has sent out its latest bi-weekly newsletter. We poked fun at Lumis yesterday, in a parody post about domainer newsletters – today we’re making up for the lack of any links. 😉 The latest Lumis newsletter contains several domain gems […]

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Hobi Michalec : #Domain broker’s solid advice on negotiations

Domain broker, Hobi Michalec, is the co-founder of Lumis, a boutique domain brokerage company. Along with his business partners, Hobi focuses on premium domain names, and has extensive experience in dealing with corporate acquisition teams. In a recent exchange, Hobi offered some solid advice on how to best deal with domain offers, maximizing your ROI […]

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