Lumis brokerage : #Domain newsletter includes some million dollar names

The latest domain newsletter from Lumis, the domain brokerage powerhouse co-founded by the Michalec brothers, contains some big domain names.

There are domains for every budget, from a few thousand all the way up to $2.2 million dollars!

Here’s a selection of domains included in the latest Lumis newsletter, in no particular order:

Lumis domain brokerage

  • – asking price is $2.2 million dollars
  • – looking for six figures
  • – going for $1 million dollars
  • – asking price: $800k
  • – going for $650k
  • – the owner’s looking for six figures
  • – Selling for $395,000 dollars
  • – asking price is $350k
  • – looking for $300k
  • – brokered for $225k
  • – asking price: $175k
  • – ready to sell at $50,000 dollars
  • – a bargain at $12,000 dollars

For more information on Lumis, to peruse the existing domain inventory, and to subscribe to their latest newsletter, visit

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