Machi & Corto: Two fresh .XYZ domain sales reported by Swetha

Another day, another fresh dollar from the sale of .XYZ domain names by Indian prodigy Swetha Yenugula.

The latest pair of domains reported took place on Dan: and These domains were sold for $14,988 dollars and $5,988 dollars respectively.

Swetha Yenugula

The pattern continues; the buyers are companies that are involved with the crypto, AI, or blockchain fields where .XYZ has been utilized extensively.

Eventually, some of these companies exit their start-up round and switch over to the matching .com domain.

The logic is simple: Spend a small amount of money to get the project or company off the ground, get investors rolling in and once cashflow is secured get the domain upgrade of choice.

Congratulations, Swetha! 🙂

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