Marchex sales: Last year’s sour grapes

There are several reasons why the recently revealed sales by Marchex won’t matter to you, as a domainer.

While impressive as cumulative sales, the 500 selected domains weren’t exactly revealed as a representation of recently accomplished transactions, but rather, as a historical, back-dated archive.

Most go as far back as 2007, 2008 and 2009 – in other words, at a time when the economy was still strong and such sales were achieved without much effort.

On top of that, for every such sale reported in the “500 hundred” list, there are hundreds if not thousands of domains that Marchex dropped from their portfolio, or let go at prices that would never be publicized for obvious reasons.

And that’s fine, because the domain industry needs an ego-boost and an increase in the morale; if only these were sales that happened in 2012, it’d be fantastic.

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