Ultra premium #domain name the victim of corporate mergers, an ultra-premium domain name originally registered in 2003, has dropped again.

Formed in 2015, Medal, Inc. provided medical, health, and fitness content online. The company offered clinical information, records, data security, structure, identity, and transfers, as well as export in different format for health payers, care providers, and individuals. They acquired the domain name in 2015 from a company called Step Media.

In 2020, Ciox Health acquired Medal, Inc. for an undisclosed amount. Just a year later, June 2021, Ciox Health was acquired by San Francisco-based Datavant in a $7B deal, setting the timing clock for this domain’s demise!

Long story short: a double merger led to the expiry and deletion of a premium domain asset that was caught by DropCatch. The domain is now in auction and it has reached $20,000 dollars in bids already, with 3 days left to go.

Fun fact: was originally registered in 1995 by Air Liquide for its MEDAL product, but it dropped in 2003.

Who will win this medal? 😀

Update: The auction closed at $185,728 dollars:

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