Domain operators apply for the registration of the matching mark

Dutch company Medal B.V., operators of the domain name, have filed for the registration of the matching mark, MEDAL.COM with the USPTO. The application was filed with an “intend to use” clause for the following products and services: Computer application software for generating and distributing multimedia video game gameplay content Computer software services relating […]

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It’s hard to imagine a more befitting brand upgrade than that of to the matching .com domain The domain auction closed for a whopping $185,728 dollars at DropCatch yesterday. The gaming video clip share platform raised $60 million dollars last December, following the paradigm of At the time, Pim de Witte, Medal […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. Ultra premium #domain name the victim of corporate mergers, an ultra-premium domain name originally registered in 2003, has dropped again. Formed in 2015, Medal, Inc. provided medical, health, and fitness content online. The company offered clinical information, records, data security, structure, identity, and transfers, as well as export in different format for health payers, care providers, and individuals. They acquired the domain name […]

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