Mike Robertson leaves domaining for Aussie zookeeping job!

Australian domain investor and Domain Guardians co-founder, Mike Robertson, took a 23-hour long trip to his homeland to visit family.

Spending time with family and friends is a blessing and a gift during the holidays, but the news is quite shocking.

Mike’s ending his involvement with domain investing, domain brokering and other activities related to the domain community, enrolling full-time as a professional zookeeper at the prestigious Cooberrie Park in Australia.

“Domaining is a wonderful experience, but I found my calling by spending time with the koalas, the exotic snakes and the kangaroos here in Australia, mate.

It’s time for me to bid farewell to intangible assets and clean some cages instead!” exclaimed Mike Robertson, smiling.

Indeed, the hyper-active Aussie spent most of the weekend shoveling koala poop into special receptacles, to be used as fuel; taking selfies with kangaroos and hugging lonely snakes.

“I want to give some love to these wild but friendly animals, and I recommend this type of work to anyone wishing to live a meaningful life, mate!” added Robertson, while holding a koala in a loving embrace.

Below are some photos from Mike Robertson’s new occupation Down Under; we wish him all the best!


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One Response to “Mike Robertson leaves domaining for Aussie zookeeping job!”
  1. I seriously don’t know what is wrong with some Mikes in the domain industry. Last month, Mike Berkens threw in the towel and now Mike Robertson. Wish him well with the animals anyway.

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