Million Dollar Home Page : The original NFT for #domains and web sites

When Alex Tew came up with the Million Dollar Home Page way back in 2005, it was a silly idea to crowdfund “pixels” on a screen.

By tokenizing the participation of web site and domain owners who’d pay for 10×10 pixel blocks, Alex Tew’s brilliant idea generated a lot more than the $1,000,000 dollars its creator envisioned.

Alex Tew went on founding, a web site that was initially founded to give online visitors calm sounds and imagery; with the supplement of an app, it has become a provider of attitude towards a calmer way of life.

With the proliferation of digital NFT (non fungible tokens) the Million Dollar Home Page paradigm comes back to life. In fact, its founder, Alex Tew, is now openly considering creating a digital version of the existing …digital version, in tokenized format.

Said Alex Tew on Twitter:

Thinking about minting The Million Dollar Homepage image as an NFT and then auctioning it off for charity. What would be the best platform to do this on?

It all could not have arrived at a better time: a digital image by artist Mike Winkelmann consisting of 5,000 smaller images, was auctioned off at Christie’s for the astronomical amount of $69 million dollars.

Surely the original idea generator, Alex Tew, can do better with the Million Dollar Home Page!

The Million Dollar Home Page – the original NFT

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  1. Jon Roig says:

    Obviously, we think it’s a good idea….
    … and it’s not to late to own a piece of the MDHP:

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