Namebot: Israeli start-up wants to simplify your search for the perfect domain name!

Namebot came out of nowhere, and yet, it possesses the best tool we’ve seen to generate domain names and brands based on a keyword. It’s fast, user-friendly and very effective at generating meaningful domain combinations.

Launched in Israel by Tal Yahav and Yosi Ovadia, the team is completed by Pavel Postovoit who manages the UI and UX parts of Namebot.

“There are great available domains out there, let’s help people find them!”

And that is the idea behind Namebot: an intelligent search engine, a cool user interface, and a methodical team.

Namebot - a new domain search engine for creating brands.

Namebot – a new domain search engine for creating brands.

We reached out to Tal, who explained the process behind Namebot in a bit more detail:

DomainGang: Tal, tell us a bit more about your background. Where are you located?

Tal Yahav: Me and Yosi are friends and partners. Yosi comes from programming and information security background. He started developing websites at a very young age. I come from user interface (client side programming) and marketing background. Pavel completes the picture with his design abilities. We are located in Israel.

DomainGang: Sounds like a fun team. What is the technology behind Namebot?

Tal Yahav: The website is written in php with mysql and jquery. We are using whois queries in order to check and rank domains. We are constantly working to improve our algorithm and we have other ideas as well.

DomainGang: What was your motivation to create the Namebot domain search engine and generator?

Tal Yahav: We are all students at The Technion (Israel’s best university) and we have worked before on some projects. We started Namebot because we know how hard it is to find a good name for your project.

DomainGang: What is the Israeli domainer market like?

Tal Yahav: To be honest, it’s easy to find available Israeli domains ( as the local market is not as competitive as the global market. But many Israelis start internet companies abroad (waze, wix and more) so Namebot is very relevant for them as well.

DomainGang: Many thanks for giving our readers some more insight about Namebot!

Check out the About Us page of Namebot and start searching for your perfect brand by using the Namebot search engine today.

This post is 100% true!

This post is 100% true!


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