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#NamesCon 2018 : We are giving away 5 complimentary tickets to the Las Vegas event!

NamesCon has chosen DomainGang, along with other domain publications, to give away 5 standard complimentary tickets to the January event, in Las Vegas.

Year after year, NamesCon has set bigger milestones as a domain conference, and the January 28 – 31 event is expected to be grand.

To win one of the 5 standard complimentary tickets to NamesCon 2018 through DomainGang, there is a catch: you must have never attended NamesCon before.

To claim a ticket, here are the instructions:

  • Leave a comment below, including your name and email.
  • Provide your FAVORITE domain from your portfolio – free exposure!
  • AND a short note about what is the best part of being a domain investor.

We will pick the first 5 valid comments, by timestamp.

NamesCon will then verify that the 5 winners are indeed event “newbies.”

Note: You will need to provide for your own transportation to Las Vegas, and your own accommodation. Please ensure that you’ll be attending, or let someone else claim the tickets – they are non-transferrable.

Good luck! 😀

Note: DomainGang is a media partner of NamesCon Global and we receive a complimentary press pass to the domain conference.

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10 Responses to “#NamesCon 2018 : We are giving away 5 complimentary tickets to the Las Vegas event!”
  1. Roberto says:

    My favorite portfolio name is probably GlobalShutter.com, though not my most valuable. I love the flexibility of being a domain investor, and the quirkiness of the business, to be frank.

  2. Robert Evans says:

    Pretty Cool !

    I would like to go to this. Can only spend 1 day if I am fortune enough to make it.

    The best part about being a domain investor to me is the networking & the acceptance & rejection strengthening we all pretty much go through from the experience. Eventually we filter down & find our own general niche vocation fork in the road meant to he included as part of our journey. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

  3. BadBoyBob says:

    What other industry allows you to be a king for 10 bucks a year?

  4. Tasha Kidd says:

    I would love to come, but can’t this year. Good luck to everybody else! Have a lot of great names. One is EngagementRingDiamonds.com (Great industry, thin margins, highly competitive.) Best part of being a domain investor is carving out your future and helping people build great businesses on meaningful domains.

  5. Erin Cravey says:

    Protolithic.com, because I enjoy the opportunity to be creative in the shaping of undeveloped domains.

  6. Erin Cravey says:

    I’m a NamesCon newbie! My favorite, though not most valuable, domain for these purposes is protolithic.com. My favorite part of domaining is the opportunity for creativity, as in the shaping of undeveloped domains.

  7. I enjoy Domain investing for the upside potential and I love mining for names. Also, like outbound marketing and the sales side of it. My favorite Domain is PhoenixTravel.com.

  8. Robert Evans says:

    Forgot to list favorite domain ! Too many to choose from but I am interested in building a blockchain for Coinpon.com later. Be over my head programing wise I’m just anot html5 guru — not a compiler

  9. Jennifer says:

    I’m too slow.

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