New ICANN CEO’s domain in the hands of Dutch ‘domain investor’

Fadi-Chehadé is the new CEO of ICANN.

Fadi Chehade, new ICANN CEO, will assume office on October 1st – all while outgoing CEO, Rod Beckstrom‘s tenure ends on Sunday.

As CEO, Fadi Chehade will receive a base salary of $560,000 plus up to $240,000 in bonuses. Nice!

So how much of this money will he spend recovering his dot com?

Shocking as it might seem, while is pointed to the ICANN profile page of the new CEO, the domain name is not registered, nor owned by Mr. Chehade.

A little research using DomainToolsthe top WHOIS tool – shows that a Dutch domain investor named Theo Geurts owns that domain name. Mr. Geurts operates a couple of interesting web sites, such as and

Theo Geurts called his act of registering the once available domain as “ballsy” and asked for Mr. Chehade to contact him, if he wants the domain. There was no reference to any monetary compensation in exchange for the domain name,

Regardless of the outcome, it’s definitely embarrassing that a seasoned technocrat of Mr. Chehade’s caliber, failed to secure their full name in dot com. Heck, even Rod Beckstrom took care of that! 😀

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  1. BullS says:

    Fadi-Chehadé-you are fired!!!

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