New Obama Tax Bill targets ‘bottom feeding’ domainers!

F*** Politics!

F*** Politics!

After watching president Obama enter his second term in a beautiful inauguration ceremony earlier this week, it’s time to land hard; back onto reality.

There is nothing harder than taxesexcept for death, of course. The introduction of a new taxation scheme for domainers and other investors, will only make things smell like death for many.

Dubbed the “bottom feeder bill“, a new tax will be targeting “part time stock, real estate and commodity investors” that “allocate no more than 49% of their time to a task that renders inconsistent revenue other than wages.

This outrageous introduction of new taxes for the law-abiding American consumer, means that if you’re a part time domainer, your taxes will go up.

“I had no doubt this liberal d*** of a president would raise taxes again,” said Jonas Landee Colt, a domain investor from Dallas, Texas.

“Them sons of bitches in the government take our blood and soul, and now if I dip a lil bit into domaining, they want to tax me more? Well, f*** you, and f*** politics!” exclaimed Colt.

As we mentioned earlier this month, getting a domainer certification will help overcome the taxation problem. By becoming certified domain investors, domainers that spend only a small portion of their time will thus qualify for being excluded from the “bottom feeder bill.

It’s really sad that President Obama decided to start off his 2nd term with the introduction of such an unfair measure for domain investors. Not cool! 🙁

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  1. Serry J Winkler says:

    Do you have any links about the domain tax ?

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