Non-COM sightings : A dot .Gift from Uniregistry

Another day, another report on a non-com sighting, the candid capturing of domain names in the wild, that aren’t .COM.

With more than 24 million new gTLDs registered, many new extensions are being used by end users, individuals or businesses, to brand their products effectively.

This past weekend, at a local bazaar in Florida, we came across the first dot .Gift domain of our repository, for a gTLD operated by Frank Schilling’s Uniregistry.

The domain in question,, was emblazoned on a stand’s top.

We asked the owner what made her register the particular extension, and she said that the .com was taken and that .gift was recommended by GoDaddy. Her tech-savvy husband confirmed that .Gift is one of the many new available domain extensions, and she went with it.

Makes sense to us! 😀

Thousands of businesses around the world would benefit from more exposure to the availability of meaningful branding options for their domain of choice.

African Market Baskets uses

African Market Baskets uses

Have you captured a new gTLD domain being used “in the wild?”

Let us know and we will share your discovery.

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