Nuke #Florida : #Putin speech leads to war-mongering #domain registrations

Russian president, Vladimir Putin, was showing off Russia’s latest arsenal additions – a speech meant for internal consumption, as elections are coming on March 18th.

Still, the speech was clear: Russia wants to emphasize its traditional role as a superpower, and in that speech, Putin announced the availability of an “invincible missile” that can evade US defense systems.

During the presentation, an outline of Florida was displayed, with an overlay of a nuclear warhead exploding above it. Apparently, this is to demonstrate the alleged far-reaching capabilities of the new Russian missiles.

With all that in mind, the domain names and were registered yesterday.

The first one points to some bizarre content, by forwarding to, while the second one is pointed to the Twitter page of its registrant.

Registering domain names matching keywords from world news and events isn’t exactly new; Russia’s meddling with US politics justifies this type of domain registrations even further.

Here in Florida, we’re not worried; everyone loves Disney World.

Nuke Florida. Why? We don’t bother anyone. Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash.

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