NYC day 2: Frank Schilling vibes, new DG logo, and a HUGE dot

Day two of my New York trip involved going back to the Met for some unfinished business. The museum has extensive collections of Greek and Egyptian art, my top two favorites.

Here is a magnificent piece of ancient Greek pottery, with Hermes leading the dead to the underworld; his nickname was Psychopomp (guide of souls) and I sold the dot .com to a great guy so check out

Strangely, I came across the domain name on a tour bus. Frank Schilling would be proud! I hope Frank’s doing well these days, as he’s involved in real estate and his Greek restaurant, Mykonos.

While heading to the Met I had the opportunity to capture this magnificent view at Central Park. Yes, DomainGang has a new logo that I designed a few days ago and was able to get t-shirts done for this trip. Want one? I have 4 t-shirts to give away so watch Twitter/X for the announcement.

New York is full of art and I came across a sign for the Neue Galerie and the domain name

When I came across this great piece of art I just had to take a photo; it reminds me of a huge dot, the single most important element of a domain name. What’s left of the dot or right of the dot is not important! 🙂

This is just a small part of the day. I’ll be sharing more fun moments from New York, a city that never ceases to amaze me.

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