End of 2021 lands big traffic on unrelated #domain

Covid-19 and its omicron variant hit the world during the heart of the holiday season. Already the most common coronavirus variant in the US, the omicron is highly contagious.

If you’re not vaccinated, it’s a good idea to do so, as both vaccinated and—to a lesser degree—boosted individuals can get the omicron variant.

There’s one domain name that benefited from this sudden surge of Covid-19 and it’s the matching domain,

Registered in 1996, the domain belongs to Omicron Development LLC. According to their web site:

Omicron Development LLC is a privately held company, part of the Pimsoft Group and a registered System Integrator partner of OSIsoft, now part of Aveva. The activities of the company span all the aspects of implementing, maintaining, integrating, supporting, and using the OSIsoft PI System.

No doubt, the domain is enjoying some serious volume of type-in traffic, ever since the Covid-19 variant was identified in South Africa in November. Here is the proof, courtesy of Ubersuggest:

We can see the huge jump in November 2021 that is expected to skyrocket once data for December 2021 is released.

What would the operators of do with this surge in traffic that’s unrelated to their products and services?

Clearly, a small section on their web site should be dedicated to addressing the omicron reference. The Greek letter is becoming less popular as the Covid-19 variant spreads around the world. Perhaps its a good idea to disclaim any such relationship and to offer a few links to official resources for masking and vaccination against Covid-19.

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