OpenAI fails to register GPT as a trademark with the USPTO

OpenAI, operators of the ChatGPT platform, have received bad news: Their application to register GPT as a trademark with the USPTO has been declined.

This final refusal to register GPT was made on the following basis:

Trademark Act Section 2(e)(1)—Merely Descriptive and Specimen Not Acceptable for Showing Use of the Mark in Commerce as to Class 09.

Although the term “final” sounds ominous, OpenAI can file a request for reconsideration of the decision within 3 months; for an extra fee, it can request a 3 month extension of the response deadline.

GPT is a term popular with AI systems that utilize a “Generative pre-trained transformer,” a type of artificial intelligence language model.

OpenAI settled with the registrant of last year, acquiring the domain name.

Kudos to IP attorney John Berryhill for the pointers.

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