Poll : Would you transfer your domains to a cheap, Chinese registrar?

Facebook wants a piece of China's market.

Facebook wants a piece of China’s market.

It’s Friday, and what a better time to gauge the public opinion over a hot topic: Domain registrars in China.

With the Chinese domain market exploding in terms of volume during 2015, many domain investors are taking a good look into China as a domain destination.

On Wednesday, Daniel Chen, CEO of the Chinese investment company 190.com announced the launch of their domain registrar services, open to Chinese and Westerners alike.

The domain registrar provided by 190.com will soon offer $1 dollar special for inbound domain transfers, a common practice when attempting to secure market share.

The service at 190.com will be open to everyone, and domain owners from outside of China are particularly welcome, according to Mr. Chen.

But would someone transfer their domains to China, facing an unknown future and lots of challenges created by the strict control of the Chinese government?

That’s a question that one needs to ask, before committing to a domain transfer thanks to cheap rates.

Would you transfer your domains to a Chinese registrar?

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