PSD Underwear upgraded to via Telepathy

PSD Underwear has acquired the ultra-premium, three letter domain in a major instance of domain rebranding.

The domain’s sellers, Telepathy, Inc., apparently scored a nice sale of this aged domain name mainly associated with Photoshop format files (PSD.)

Currently, forwards to as the premium men’s and women’s underwear brand uses “PSD” as its monogram and logo.

Registered in 1995, has been in the possession of premium domain portfolio holders, Telepathy, since at least 2006.

What is PSD, when it comes down to underwear?

Apparently, it was designed to be a fashion alternative to the very expensive Calvin Klein, per their web site:

Curt and Ryan Flaitz were broke college kids who could only afford one pair of Calvin Klein underwear to wear out on Friday nights. They discovered an opportunity in the underwear market for designer men’s boxer briefs that were both affordable and comfortable.

Curt had a passion for business and graduated college with a marketing degree while Ryan was creative with a love for art. Together they decided to try and fill the void by creating a brand that was different from anything else out there. So in 2007 Curt and Ryan started PSD Underwear in upstate New York.

By switching to a premium, LLL .com domain name, PSD Underwear is receiving extra prestige for years to come.

Congratulations to and Nat Cohen, founder, for yet another superb sale, that of the domain to PSD Underwear!

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