Ragazzo Greciano : #Roman numerals – the next big thing in #domain investing

The last report by Ragazzo Greciano, the prolific domain investment expert from Napoli, Italy, is not about Q4/2019 but about the future of aftermarket sales for numeric domains.

Greciano’s familiarity with his mother land, Italy, has led him to the discovery of the true passion of Italian domain investors, using his signature High Tech Domain Analytic Heuristics (HTAH) methodology – and it’s not espresso.

The ever-busy domain analyst is enthusiastic about the future of Roman numerals, also known as Latin numerals, and their huge potential as domain names for investors.

Says Ragazzo Greciano, while shredding some aged Parmigiano-Reggiano over freshly cooked pasta:

“When I see people in China love the X letter, I see a 10 number, capish? The X is 10 and XI is number 11, not Chinese president name. But then go deep, analyze, stick finger in data, move it around, feel warm eh? I put two finger in, better data, more deep, as it speak to me, analyze more.”

Ragazzo Greciano’s fundamental analysis of the Roman numerals involves domains that are created out of the letters C, D, I, V, L, M, and X only. No other letters are involved to create domains that are sought after by prestigious museums and galleries in Italy.

“So many value, because Latin mind the best, in Roman times they tell number like MCMLXXXVIII so yes, someone get the .com believe in power of Italia”, says Ragazzo Greciano, adding: “You get that Roman numeral domain, is like the round hips of Sophia Loren, is like Michelangelo, is like Ferrari, big gift and invest for world!”

Greciano’s most prolific sale was that of IMLIVID.com, a domain that stands for the intelligent combination of 1, 1000, 51, 6, and 500 in Roman numerals. He sold it for an undisclosed price at an undisclosed time, an amazing feat.

Investing in Latin numerals will be the opening session at the NamesCon Europe later this year, as long as the dreaded coronavirus epidemic stays away from the Old Continent.

Ragazzo Greciano researching Roman numerals and domains.

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