Relax… Let the “Telepathy Guy” show you how #domain biz is done!

Telepathy owns many high quality domains and the bulk of the company’s portfolio can be acquired directly.

In recent months, Nat Cohen has been using custom landers but for the most part the majority of the Telepathy domains redirect to To avoid spammers and time wasters, Telepathy can be contacted after a $19 dollar payment is made.

On the “Secured Offers” web site, you can see a smiling guy who kicks back, hands behind his head; we call him the “Telepathy Guy” for a reason: Just like the eNom girl, also known as backpack girl, the Telepathy Guy is featured on a bunch of web sites! 😀

Telepathy Guy says, “relax.”

That’s right. The Telepathy Guy can be found on at least 368 web sites, according to the TinEye search engine, which means that the stock image of the tie-wearing, smiling guy with rolled up sleeves is extremely popular.

Here are some web sites that use the “Telepathy Guy” image:

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