#ReOpen WHOIS : Jacksonville man gets death threats over #domain registrations

A Jacksonville man who registered 203 domains at a cost of about $4,000 dollars at GoDaddy, is getting death threats thanks to the domain WHOIS information being exposed.

Mr. Michael Murphy went after domain names with the “liberate” and “reopen” keywords, followed by US state shortcuts.

In doing so, he secured these domains from falling into the hands of conservative groups pushing for the fast reopening of states that have been in lock down due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Mr. Murphy stated that people are making death threats and he was sent emails saying “we know where you live.”

He defended his action of registering these domains, saying that his intention is to give them to organizations – but now some domains are being “unlocked” at GoDaddy, and that his computer and his Facebook are under attack.

“Some organizations could take these off my hands and give out good scientific information,” Michael Murphy said.

Watch an interview of Mr. Michael Murphy and his wife to First Coast News.

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