Reported .com domain sales are all fake, claims .XYZ fanboi

Reporting domain sales is part of the community’s casual activities, along with having a cup of coffee and playing pickleball at 7:00am.

Lists of sold .com domains dominate the news headlines on blogs and other publications. But are they real?

Domain investor and part-time Uber driver, Julius K., doesn’t believe so. The divorced father of four from Calabasas, California, has done extensive research on the subject and has decided to share his findings.

Julius K. thinks all .com sales are lies.

“First of all let me tell you that I only register .XYZ domains, and some .IO but mostly .XYZ because I trust Daniel Negari and the hard work he’s put into this phenomenal growth over the years,” said Julius K.

“Without doubt, my research shows that when DNJournal, NameBio, or Sedo share news of .com domains selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars, none of this is true. They make up stuff to convince people that .com is king. It’s all a conspiracy to drive up sales of Verisign and their products!” exclaimed Julius K.

We asked Julius K. for some proof about his claims. He provided a PDF that’s way too large to share here, so in a nutshell here are his arguments:

  • No proof is ever shared: Bank accounts with details (dates of transactions, originating offshore bank accounts, SSN of both parties, PDFs of their passport and FBI lie detector tests.)
  • Many of these .com domains are never used, they stay unaltered or without anything other than PPC ads.
  • Those that resolve to corporate landing pages are fake. They do so to justify the asking price of e.g. $500,000 for a 4-letter verb .com.
  • Nobody in their right mind would pay so much money for .com when they can buy the matching .XYZ for much, much less.
  • .XYZ is better than anything that exists on the market or that will exist as a TLD, ever.
  • He knows he’s right.

As a closing statement, Julius K. told us the following:

“If .XYZ is not better than .com then there is something wrong with this industry that shuts down and abuses their established strength and time advantage. We need to oppose those who want to ruin .XYZ domains because they are afraid their lies will be exposed. I have no doubt that .com sales are all fake and people just trade paper notes while paying $10 /year renewal fees. The truth is out there!”

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