Reports: New gTLDs rank as ‘exact match domains’ in Google searches

A pair of new independent reports on search engine – read: Google – rankings, claim that gTLDs give a boost to your web site, raising it several spots in searches, over traditional TLDs.

German SEO specialist firm, Searchmetrics, examined the effect that dot .Berlin domains had on local searches.

The study claims that dot .Berlin domains performed better than the matching .de or .com, as far as localized searches are concerned.

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A different study, performed independently by SEO specialists, Total Websites, performed an analysis of global searches and how these results conflict with Google claims that  only the quality of content – not the TLD itself – matters.

Apparently, the studies confirm that the new gTLDs, when acting as a keyword+gTLD pair, rank as “exact match domains” would, thus boosting the web site’s rankings in search engine results.

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