Richard Lau on NamesCon acquisition : Domain Industry is the new frontier of the Internet

We are ALL NamesCon.

We are ALL NamesCon.

NamesCon founder, Richard Lau, sent out a positive message on the acquisition of NamesCon by German corporation, WorldHostingDays:

“I have always believed that the Domain Industry is the new frontier of the internet, and I still do.

NamesCon is the leading domain conference and needs to grow with the continuing expansion of the internet community.

No one does a better job executing international internet events than WorldHostingDays, and I know that they are the perfect partner to help us grow on a global scale.”

The news might take many domainers by surprise, given the dedication and passion that Richard Lau participated with, in every single NamesCon event.

The acquisition of NamesCon provides additional market presence to WorldHostingDays in North America, expanding their reach with natural synergies into the broader Internet space, such as domain investing.

Soeren von Varchmin, CEO of WorldHostingDays, said:

“We see strong demand across North America for our high-quality events and festivals that deliver relevant and timely discussions with leaders from around the world, provide real business opportunity with measurable results, and celebrate the achievements and innovations driving technology forward. NamesCon is the perfect fit to help us continue that vision.”

According to the WorldHostingDays press release, NamesCon will continue on as it has since January 2014, with the next signature event scheduled for January 22 – 25, 2017, at the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

With this acquisition, NamesCon will now be backed by the expertise and strength of WorldHostingDays, providing attendees and partner companies with the confidence to plan event participation years in advance.

NamesCon will remain at the Tropicana and has confirmed dates through 2019 – scheduled for January 28 – 31 in 2018 and January 27 – 30 in 2019.

In an updated statement, Richard Lau said the following:

“We are not “merging” events or eliminating anything at all. The same great NamesCon team you work with every day will be here for you.

You will notice some additional team members as the WorldHostingDays staff works with us hand-in-hand to make NamesCon 2017 the largest commercial domain name conference in history on January 22 – 25 in Las Vegas!”

Domain investors probably have a lot of questions regarding the future of NamesCon, many of which can be answered via the official NamesCon FAQ.

For the full press release by WorldHostingDays click here.

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