Rick : The King arrived at THE Domain Conference!


Rick “The Dutch King” Wedzinga.

THE Domain Conference is unfolding its numerous presentations today, with participants escaping the cabanas and ending the cocktail parties for 48 hours of intense education and domainer networking.

Naturally, no domain conference is complete without the big names participating, and hopefully this part will be achieved as well.

Domain investors from around the world sailed – not literally – to the Florida shores to be part of the numero uno domain conference hosted in Florida.

Among them is RickThe Dutch KingWedzinga, who came all the way from The Netherlands.

Rick is Vice President of WebCorp, a Canadian corporation founded by Adam Dicker, and he also operates the Dutch Domain Investors group.

Leaving The Netherlands for THE Domain Conference was a temperature shocker for Rick, who marveled at the 45 degree difference in temperature.

No worries though, THE Domain Conference provides excellent temperature control, and lots of ice lemonade to enjoy!


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