Ryan Allis: Founder of Connect.com is a reformed entrepreneur

Entrepreneur Ryan Allis founded Connect.com in May 2012, as a solution to the problem of keeping track of people you meet.

Along with co-founder Anima Sarah LaVoy, Ryan Allis pushed forward to create technology inspired by social media such as Facebook. By 2014, the company had achieved Series A funding in excess of $10 million dollars,

That venture lasted a few more years before it shut down. Connect.com, remained in limbo until its sale via potential brokering by BrandForce, scoring another $10 million dollars just for the domain.

Ryan Allis started Connect.com after a windfall of cash from the sale of iContact to Vocus in 2012. He started Hive Digital in 2016, on a domain that was once for sale via HugeDomains for $1,495 dollars.

The most interesting part is the personal blog of Ryan Allis, showcasing his career and personal transformation through the early years of his entrepreneurial path. It’s worth reading about the Connect.com story and witness the excitement of its founder at the time.

Ryan Allis hasn’t blogged on RyanAllis.com since 2015.

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