RZT.com: Freshly dropped LLL .com in DropCatch auction that ends today!

If you’re looking for a freshly dropped three letter .com domain, check out RZT.com.

The youngest LLL .com in the known cosmos expired, dropped, and is now in a DropCatch auction that ends in about 3 hours. The current price is a remarkably low $16,001 dollars as seen below:

One has to wonder how and why did a valuable domain such as RZT.com wasn’t renewed!

RZT.com was registered in 2009 and before the drop it was registered at Sav. It wasn’t its first registration and drop, however.

RZT.com was originally registered in 1999 to a company called ResortQuest International and it dropped in 2009.

Historic WHOIS records provided by DomainTools show that domain investor Stanley Pace owned the domain RZT.com as recently as in 2011.

It’s quite possible that Mr. Pace sold the domain, however, as he seems to be using GoDaddy for the majority, if not all, of his 10k-strong domain portfolio.

Once again, it’s shocking to see a valuable, three letter .com domain drop, taking the throne from WMC.com.

Update: Auction closed at $18,001 dollars. Whiteonrice is the winner.

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