WMC.com: Domain registered in 1994 has dropped—Here’s the back story

Thirty years after its registration in 1994, the domain WMC.com expired and dropped.

It’s hard to believe that valuable three letter .com domains enter the availability pool in 2024, even if it’s just to bid on at an auction.

WMC.com was in the possession of WMC Resources, an Australian company.

Western Mining Corporation is what “WMC” stood for; the company was formed in 1933 and in 2005 it was acquired by BHP Billiton for a massive amount: $9.2 billion AUD or the equivalent of $7.3 billion USD at the time. The BHP Group is an Australian multinational mining and metals public company headquartered in Melbourne, Australia.

WMC.com in 2004

The domain WMC.com remained pointed to BHP.com ever since, registered at TPP Wholesale, an Australian domain reselling company.

It seems that someone dropped the ball at BHP Billiton and the domain expired, entering deletion cycle; eventually, it was caught by DropCatch and it’s currently in a three day auction.

WMC.com is in a DropCatch auction

It’s truly shocking seeing how a valuable LLL .com was allowed to slip through the cracks and away of the control of a large company’s IT department.

Update 5/11/2024: The auction closed at $62,500 dollars.

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