Sedo: Most searched keywords for September 2023

Sedo shared information about the most searched keywords on the marketplace.

Our kind sponsor manages millions of domain names and provides a marketplace where both investors and end-users can quickly and easily sell and buy domains.

So what were the most searched keywords on for the month of September 2023?

The Top 10 list has a few surprises:

  • AI
  • Shop
  • Pay
  • Bet
  • Wärmepumpe (heating pump in German)
  • Grundstück verkaufen (sell property in German)
  • Home
  • NFT
  • Safe Travels
  • Verkaufen (sell in German)

As Sedo’s presence in Germany and Europe attracts native speakers of the German language, it’s normal to see such searches take over key spots of the keyword search list.

Oktoberfest ends today in Germany, in case you were wondering. There will not be a domain sales report this week; see you next Tuesday.

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