Sell and buy #domains for #Bitcoin on

Bitcoin has appreciated 440% in a year and BTC is being adopted by major financial institutions worldwide, such as banks, hedge funds, and even PayPal.

Domains are the quintessential “token” of the internet, so why not combine the two?

On the newly launched platform you can list your unexpired, .com domain names and receive payment in BTC.

The auctions last—can you guess—48 hours. That is, exactly 2 days without any extensions and such other complications! – buy and sell .com domains for BTC

Other fun tidbits about the platform:

  • Only BTC is accepted, no other crypto or fiat money.
  • There is no reserve price—only a starting price.
  • Having an active balance for an auction qualifies one as a Golden Bidder. seems like a fun, efficient place to buy and sell domain names for Bitcoin. Check out the FAQ and head over to the auctions!

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2 Responses to “Sell and buy #domains for #Bitcoin on”
  1. Dan Sanchez says:

    Thank you for covering us Theo! This auction style and denomination has been a dream for a while, happy to see how much progress we’ve made. The overall goal is always liquidity, and there is no competitor for that with Bitcoin around. Together with the absolutist time constraint, we hope to bring domain names into a new era of adoption by fully digital enterprise.

  2. Andre Dre says:

    Dan, is a part of Epik?

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