Sergei Putanov: Domain investing in 2013

Russian domainer and billionaire, Sergei Putanov

Russian domain entrepreneur, Sergei Putanov, is notorious for his obsession with Ukrainian supermodels, caviar and for being outspoken about domain investments.

In the past decade, the Russian billionaire’s projects include investing in construction projects such as Dubai-Florida, jet-set millionaire clubs, and even his own .prostitute gTLD.

Recently, Sergei Putanov is working on various secret domain investment projects for Russian Bear Investments, while on vacation in Bali.

We secured a short statement with him, which is presented unedited:

“So you want know about investing and domain name, in next year? I tell you what 2013 bring for domainers.

First as Rick Schwartz say, dump all pigeon shit. But that’s beginning only, after get rid of bad egg, you need gold egg. Understand?

For gTLD I say, kooshi govno ee oomree. It’s bad taste, like poop. No invest in gTLD myself, Ukraine prostitute more fun. Small man like you think big, ok?

Auction place for domain a joke, what compete with username not know who Frank Schilling is? I call Frank and say, listen, want sell me domain, I pay well. So no wasting time and bullshit online.

Buy some adult .XXX now because tomorrow no more come. Always porno run the Internet, money makes.

In Russia we say, your sister is hot but you don’t sleep with sister, that mean keep investing domains and don’t piss where you kiss.

My father gave advice, fish is safe when bear asleep. What that mean, invest now before other losers come domaining, call them flipping for peanuts. Think big, America!”

To best make use of Sergei Putanov’s advice, domain investors need to spend some time understanding the culture of Russian entrepreneurs, that often differs from the Western attitude.

By carefully examining his off-the-cuff statements, one can reap a large amount of wisdom that regular billionaires such as Bill Gates don’t openly share with the world.

~Reporting from Bali, Nikolai Domienenko.

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2 Responses to “Sergei Putanov: Domain investing in 2013”
  1. Maksim says:

    People gossip that Sergei Putanov invested into $100 billion Khazar Islands project. Massive project along Caspian Sea is the first of its kind and will consist of over 40 man-made islands connected with bridges. Metropolis will be home to more than one million people upon its projected completion in 2021.

  2. BullS says:

    Why is he so obsess with Ukraine prostitutes?

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