Seven figure deal closed during the Uniregistry party at Hakkasan

Domain investors never sleep; during the NamesCon 2016 conference, millions of dollars in domain deals and joint ventures came to fruition.

One of the most remarkable deals closed during the Hakkasan party, organized by Uniregistry.

The seven figure domain venture was agreed upon in the middle of 145 db mix bursts, laser beams and a lot of alcohol.

Ziggy S., a domain investor from Los Angeles closed the deal of a lifetime, with Josh DPain of CamChick Bros Ltd., involving the development of a live stream web site, featuring cams of hard-working college girls studying for their term exams.

The dialogue went like this:

“Yo Ziggy, is cool. I feel powa, is cool. How much for the cam domain brah?”

After repeating the same phrase 8 times, Josh Dpain finally got a response from Ziggy S.

“Man, sure money is gonna be fine, I’m down with it. Four grand ok?”

Josh DPain took a swig of his mojito and gestured with a high five and a double fist pump.

“Yeah buddy, four million will do it. We’re on, brotha!”

Clearly, an amazing deal that came to fruition thanks to the loud beats of the Hakkasan party by Uniregistry.

The night went on uneventful, and the Hakkasan party ended around 2am. Here are some photos.

hakkasan1 hakkasan2 hakkasan3 hakkasan4 hakkasan5 hakkasan6

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3 Responses to “Seven figure deal closed during the Uniregistry party at Hakkasan”
  1. mike says:

    cool pics!

  2. DomainGang says:

    Thanks Mike. I know it was too loud in there for you 😉

  3. Darren says:

    Nice touch 😉

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