Spline design tool company went on a #domain buying spree

Spline is a design tool maker, operating from the domain name Spline.design.


The Santiago, Chile based company announced the acquisition of the matching .com domain, Spline.com, at the same time as Sedo released its weekly domain sales report.

The sale of Spline.com was the week’s largest at $62,500 dollars, and the domain was registered in 1996.

So what exactly is a “spline” in reference to this 3d tool’s capabilities?

“A continuous curve constructed so as to pass through a given set of points and have a certain number of continuous derivatives.”

Or check out Wikipedia for the spline entry.

Spline.com was parked at Sedo for PPC earnings most of its life, and it’s great seeing a company spending a considerable amount of money to get the matching .com.

But Spline, Inc. did not stop there. They also acquired the following domains, just for fun:

  • Spline.fun
  • Spline.pizza
  • Spline.so
  • Potentially others

Not a bad start. 😀

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