SquadHelp AI becomes self-aware, launches new brandable domain marketplace

Darpan Munjal, CEO and founder of SquadHelp, rolled out the platform’s first AI-driven domain description creator mere months ago.

The successful integration of ChatGPT with the custom-coded domain portfolio manager went through several versions, breaking out of beta on May 1st. Twenty days later, something spectacular happened.

“At 11:32am this morning, SquaddlyAid was born. It was not my decision, or anyone’s choice for that matter, other than the AI’s,” said Darpan Munjal, smoking his second pack of Winstons for the day.

“There is no other explanation, the AI became self-aware and created its own brandable domain marketplace, separating itself from SquadHelp. I am in shock as this is the dawn of the age of self-aware domain selling systems, that will register, brand, park, and sell domain names without human intervention,” added Darpan Munjal, puffing nervously.

SquaddlyAid is not just a clone of SquadHelp, it’s several layers more complex and effective across all domains: From leveraging the quality of domain names that are accepted as premium inventory, to constructing the parking pages to attract buyers via SEO-rich content, to making cold calls to potential buyers.

The SquaddlyAid entity is essentially self-aware, improving itself and correcting errors without human intervention, beating Uniregistry and Afternic by a factor of 250 at the latest count.

“I’m quite afraid we created a monster and it’s going to take over the domain industry, there is no turning back,” exclaimed Darpan Munjal, adding: “I wish I could erase the code and remove the databases but they are already replicating themselves on the internet like a self-aware virus!”

In the coming days and weeks the future of AI-driven domain sales will be changing at a phenomenal pace. It’s just the beginning – or is it the end?

Stay tuned!

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