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StreamCast.com sold for $25k

StreamCast Networks, Inc., was an American corporation, specializing in peer-to-peer software. Formerly named MusicCity, it created Morpheus, which was one of the first major peer-to-peer Internet applications.

Oddly, the company operated from Morpheus.com and not from the domain StreamCast.com which was owned by venture capitalist Roald Sieberath.

StreamCast.com expired in 2014 and lots its original registration date of 1997, and in an ironic twist it was DropCatch that caught it then – and once again in 2020.

There are no records of the 2014 auction at DropCatch, however, if there was one. Today’s auction ended at $25,752 dollars, however, after two bidders, ikobi35 and fabulous went back and forth for several hours.

The final bid was made by DropCatch user fabulous.

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