Sync Media Network : Two great videos shot during NamesCon 2017 in Las Vegas

Sync Media Network.

Sync Media Network covers a variety of industry conferences across America, many of which take place in Las Vegas.

According to their Facebook page’s statement:

“We live cover all conventions and expo’s bringing you the absolute latest in (STEM) Science, Technology, Entertainment, Media.

Sync Media Network is an award winning Online/TV Production Company based in Newport Beach with a satellite office in Las Vegas. 

Sync Media Network’s productions engage audiences through compelling stories that cover a diverse range of subjects.

Videos are shot professionally live, with image stabilization, smooth panning and impromptu interviews, capturing the spirit of the conference they cover.

There are two great videos shot by JT Ippolito during NamesCon 2017 this year, that are really worth watching in full.

Check them out below, and see how many people from the domain industry you can spot! 😀

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