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Terminator 6 : Will the matching .com domain be a hot commodity?

The Terminator franchise is adding one more sequel, “Terminator 6.”

Thirty five years after the 1984 epic movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton, the followup will begin a new trilogy that ignores all movies after Terminator 2.

In 2019, the first movie is expected, if everything goes on schedule; legendary director, James Cameron, will be on as producer and writer, which is fantastic news.

Which takes us to the obvious question: what is the value of the domain name, Terminator6.com at this point?

Registered in 2010 by someone in Latvia, the domain points to a landing page that displays basic information about the Terminator franchise, up to Terminator 5 “Genisys.”

As the numeric sequence breaks after T2 with the upcoming movie, we don’t expect the new movie to be called “Terminator 6” and therefore the domain Terminator6.com is a waste of renewal fees.

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2 Responses to “Terminator 6 : Will the matching .com domain be a hot commodity?”
  1. Jeff Manes says:

    Seeing how itโ€™s from Latvia, it could be the work of Dievas.

  2. Will says:

    Now talk about thinking ahead, way ahead =-D

    I wonder if the marketing thing for this movie will give some thought to investing in getting the .Com for it or simply go with some of the alternatives. I know normally in the movie industry they simply get whatever random domain available or hand reg it. I am sure many of you have come across some crazy long name, for example transformersriseofthemachines2013.com.

    Of course I made that up but I have seen in the past on posters or commercials these crazy domains. The funny part about it is that they put so much effort in making the site look nice and provide all sort of information on the movie but when it comes to the domain name there is zero effort or desire to get a good name.

    – Will

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