Terrible #Marketing : One of the #Domain King’s droppings gets re-registered

The Domain King, Rick Schwartz, embraced the registration of meaningful new gTLDs early on in the game.

Rick went after gTLD domains where keyword+gTLD formed a pair that made sense. Eventually, the experienced domainer dropped most of these domains, focusing instead on the classic extensions, .com, .net and .org.

Terrible.Marketing, one of the Domain King’s “droppings” emerged again, as someone re-registered it. Currently, it points to an under construction WordPress blog.

As the matching .com, TerribleMarketing.com, is owned by Buy Domains that seek $888 dollars for it, the gTLD Terrible.Marketing is a great combo, if one is looking to document cases of “terrible marketing.”

There are currently about 22,750 dot .Marketing domain names, according to ntldstats. This domain extension is operated by Donuts.

There is no doubt we might see more of Rick Schwartz’s domain droppings in the future as well.

Terrible.Marketing – the domain used to be registered by the Domain King

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One Response to “Terrible #Marketing : One of the #Domain King’s droppings gets re-registered”
  1. I have a few negative ones like this.

    PPL say they don’t sell well. It probably depends…wide range of quality just like ‘normal domains’. Actual use might not be something expected.

    Though, I don’t think terrible.marketing is good… I hardly imagine how it may be used. Seems more like him trolling / hypocritically throwing money away.

    Mine was free from porkbun (the best!) flawed.design

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