Rick Schwartz on #DomainKing Twitter handle : It was a small ransom to pay!

The Domain King, Rick Schwartz.

Rick Schwartz won’t be pushed around, or have his arm twisted. When it comes down to domain names, the indisputable Domain King reigns supreme, and holders of pigeonshit domains receive the King’s wrath.

That being said, Rick’s Twitter handle, DomainKing, inadvertently expired and became available a little over a year ago. Rick Schwartz’s departure from Twitter in late 2017 was in protest of Twitter’s feet-dragging when The Domains had their account hijacked.

An “enterprising” fella snapped the Domain King’s Twitter handle, putting Rick’s reputation and legacy at risk.

According to Rick’s statement from yesterday, he paid “a small ransom” to get that account back.

Morning folks! A year ago today I paid a small ransom to get my @DomainKing moniker back after having it since 2008.

When I quit Twitter in 2018 it stated that I had one year to reactivate since I had a verified blue checkmark. But was not the case 10 months later. #Domains

So that settles it: the Domain King did not pay a king’s ransom to get the Twitter handle @DomainKing back! 😀

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