The Domain King’s latest and greatest

The Domain King, Rick Schwartz, shared some fresh news about his week-long recovery, after certain hardware upgrades took place.

Rick’s in great spirits and this is fantastic news. Health issues are important to address and no domain business is worth putting that off!

While Rick will be taking it easy for the coming weeks, one thing is certain: his caustic sense of humor has returned and Rick has great news about a particular domain acquisition that performs rather well.

With 1,500 daily type-ins, the domain name has made $360 dollars in a month. The Domain King acquired it via a DropCatch auction at the end of last year for $2,701 dollars.

The PPC ads appear generic, thus avoiding certain scenarios, per our tweet at the time.

Lastly, Rick upgraded his Twitter account with the Blue check mark, thus being able to post really long tweets of 4,000 characters. That’s more than this blog post! 🙂

It’s great seeing Rick Schwartz taking care of business!

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