Trademarks : Domains are the root of all evil!

Trademark domains.

Domain related trademarks.

It’s amazing what types of names and brands people come up with, in the process of trying to be creative.

A while back, we noted the trademark application for Raj Domains, at the USPTO. That application has now been granted, and Raj Domains is a registered trademark.

Congratulations, Raj!

Meanwhile, Evil Headquarters LLC, a company operating from, has registered their brand and also applied for the mark “Domains Are The Root Of All Evil!

The application is for “Marketing services, namely, brand and domain name development, marketing, and creative marketing design services.”

We could come up with several things that are “the root of all evil” but domains ? 😀

Meanwhile, Globe Runner LLC has applied for a trademark for the phrase “Verified Domains.” The usage it was filed for is:

“Financial appraisal and valuation of domain names; Intellectual property valuation services in the field of domain names; Financial appraisal and valuation of websites.”

Bill Hartzer, senior strategist at Verified.Domains should be happy with the granting of his company’s application by the USPTO. 😀

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