Trump attacks “slimeball” #domain investors over alleged brand dilution

A new tweet by president Donald Trump attacks domain investors, calling them “dirty slimeballs” and other negative epithets.

Visibly dejected by recent domain registrations bearing his trademark “TRUMP,” the president launched a salvo of additional attacks:

“Crooked domainers, so-called only because they think they dominate my strong famous brand with support from Fake News Media such as DNJournal, believe they get me to surrender – Wrong!”


“Slimeball domainers bragging about brand dilution are committing many crimes! I’m focusing on them now that Syrian bombing mission is accomplished – get ready, dirtbags!”

The president’s unexpected attack of domain investors, sent the stocks of companies involved in domain investing lower, in early Monday morning trading at the NYSE. GoDaddy dropped 2 cents and Verisign dropped 18 cents, then gained 19 cents.

Mr. Trump’s latest tweets and the effect on the domain industry show just how everything is interconnected on the Internet these days, in a butterfly effect of sorts.

A group of domain investors are preparing a committee to lobby politicians in Washington D.C., to raise such important issues as the GDPR and WHOIS, and imposing tariffs on Chinese premium letters.

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4 Responses to “Trump attacks “slimeball” #domain investors over alleged brand dilution”
  1. Wolfgang Möcklin says:

    I had to cut off the “T” because it’s owned by Deutsche Telekom. This left me only with the

  2. claude says:

    I’m not certain of the accuracy of this article. This morning CNN reported that President Trump told an anonymous source that applauded domain names investors for helping to offset the trade imbalance with China.

  3. Rod Tv says:

    Hey Bro I thought Trump was the slimeball

  4. Im not sure how true this is but I laughed throughout the entire post. I know he called Comey a slimeball but didn’t hear about this and I would have because I listen to CNN literally all day everyday and Im sure they would have mentioned it. Still funny though.

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