“Trump sucks” : Which such domains are owned by the Trump Organization?

"Trump Sucks" domain names owned by the Trump Organization.

“Trump Sucks” domain names owned by the Trump Organization.

It’s been a tumultuous election year, and the Donald Trump legacy extends beyond politics.

As focus on Donald Trump emerged to shift to business ventures such as the Trump University, the organization’s role is to also secure those domains that are related to the occasion, and could pose a threat to the name or business acumen of the president-elect.

The Donald Trump Organization proactively registers domain names, to prevent them from being used by opposing voices.

With more than 3,500 registered domains under its control, the Trump Organization owns several with the derogatory term “sucks” as part of the keyword.

Perusing that list, here’s what we found:

donaldtrumpnetworksucks.com     2009-05-22
donaldtrumpsucks.com     2014-12-24
thetrumpnetworksucks.com     2009-05-22
trumpcorporationsucks.com     2015-03-17
trumpnetworkmarketingsucks.com     2009-05-22
trumpnetworksucks.com     2009-05-22
trumporganizationsucks.com     2015-03-17
trumpvodkasucks.com     2005-12-06

The following “scam” keyword domains were registered by the Trump Organization as well:

donaldtrumpnetworkscam.com     2009-05-22
trumpnetworkmarketingscam.com     2009-05-22
trumpscam.com     2015-08-17

This is a good demonstration of the importance that the Trump Organization places on domain names.

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